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God commanded that oil and wine be poured over my head as I stood so it poured totally over me.  

Whom God anoints, He equips.

I fulfill many prophecies.

Later He said, YOU WILL BE DOING GREAT THINGS IN MY NAME.”  He is fulfilling His word.




I have not given my testimony often because it is so profound, and I always thought the word of God would be enough to show religious and government leaders their errors, but it has not worked for most.  Now I feel guided to give my testimony for God’s authority over the words I speak.  My website http://www.Divine-Way.com   shows our battles and weapons in our LAST great battle….  IF we fight it NOW.  If God be God we must follow Him in truth.


In August 1990 God sent someone to me and showed me how specific God is about His word.  HE cannot go to the right or left of His word because He cannot lie. 
And in tongues, the Lord told us, You will have a revival.  (and other things).

In 1991, before I married the man God said I would marry, God told me to wash his feet with oil and wine.  I did continuously until I was told to stop.  I expected a healing for him.  He had (shako marine) diabetes feet and three amputated center toes on one foot.  His bones were deteriorating in his feet and they were swollen.  (Scripture says, His feet were almost gone.)  We both fulfill many scriptures.  Micah 4, 5 shows a woman in this end time work.


Then God commanded him to wash my feet in the same manner.

Soon after, God commanded that oil and wine be poured over my head as I stood so it poured totally over me.   I am truly “an anointed one.”  Whom God anoints, He equips.


I now realize why Jesus said, there is neither male nor female, Jew nor Greek; it is because the word of God is God, the anointed one, not the person.  WHEN WE anoint the Word of God with our faith, as Jesus did, we have and bring the deliverer, our Messiah.

Jesus showed obedience (faith in) the word of God as it was written, not as taught, and that is what we are commanded to do, that is what I determined to do.  Many mysteries were made clear by believing we should obey all God's words.  The one who will come as the King of kings and Lord of lords and rule with a rod of iron is named "The Word of God."


*** After we were married God spoke through my husband, “ALL THE POWER MOSES HAD and more, you have if you use it to My will, otherwise you will have nothing."  Later He said, "YOU WILL BE DOING GREAT THINGS IN MY NAME.”  Other great prophecies were given to my husband.  ***


 I determined to follow Jesus Christ as he worshipped God, by following the word of God as written, not as taught; and the mysteries of God have unfolded to me as God promised.


I was sending messages to government and religious leaders that the solution to our problems including the Israel-Palestine issues was in the word of God.  They did not know what to do with the details and never called me to help.

Through my husband God healed a little girl who was not supposed to be able to sit up because of muscle disease.  She was 1 years old.  The next picture I have of her was at her second birthday; she was standing on a chair tip toe, leaning on one hand on the table and reaching the other hand with a fork full of cake to feed to my husband.  That is muscle control and the glory of God.

My husband was healed with a radiating heat that went into his heart from God on the second day in a hospital.  The doctor had done nothing because there was nothing to be done; he should NOT have walked out of the hospital, but he surely did!  The Christian doctor acknowledged it was a miracle and said God had called him to be a heart specialist.  Then I realized, doctors are to verify miracles.  We must rely on God to heal.


Since my husband died a year later in an unrelated situation, with more glorious conditions,  God has stripped me of everything, and God used me to fulfill prophecies and to see how the kingdom of God can come quickly.  Each year more and more information is available to turn the people of God from our worldly ways.


 I fulfilled Isaiah 28, with stammering lips

… at a synagogue in Laguna Hills, California in September 1993 just before the signing of the Peace Treaty with President Clinton, Arafat and Rabin. 

I spent 14 months in Israel and fulfilled Elijah prophecies at Passover in 1996, the year there were two eclipses, both on holy days,  very rare.  It was documented that I was there because both times I was imprisoned. I was giving scripture to correct the various religions, usually in written form.


**** In Malachi 4 God speaks of a time that would burn like an oven and all the proud and wicked would be left with no root or branch. To those who fear His name, the Son of Righteousness will arise with healing in His wings.  THAT TIME IS NOW  IF we choose God’s ways and fight against evil.  ****  

On my website  
http://www.divine-way.com   it shows the dangers, deceptions and bondage in the employment lifestyle and the government that we have embraced so strongly; and it shows that turning to God’s garden paradise lifestyle solves the problems created in the employment lifestyle and it will leave none of the proud and wicked a place of strength to control and enslave us; they will have neither root nor branch.  

Unions and our government have created our bondage so young and old people can no longer learn freely alongside someone with wisdom because of union pay scales, insurances and regulations.  Now they must go through lengthy education system, and often with student loans and always with great expense and separation from family.  The people of God have been deceived as God said we would be seeking the wages of unrighteousness; and we help the anti-Christ system as God said we would.  NOW IS TIME FOR CHANGE.

God said He would “send Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD: and he would turn the heart of the fathers to the children; and the heart of the children to their fathers, LEST I COME AND SMITE THE EARTH WITH A CURSE..”  The message of Elijah to religious leaders was, IF GOD BE GOD, FOLLOW HIM.  God gave commandments and a covenant of great blessings to our fathers if they obey and teach their children His ways.  Our children are also to honor the parents and let them correct and guide them in God’s ways.  IF WE DO NOT FOLLOW (as it is today),  God will smite the earth with a curse.  THAT is what we are seeing now.  God’s message has gone out for over twenty years with me, and I am sure many multitudes more.



When God stripped me He used me in many ways, let me say WHY this matters to you. 
In the beginning I sent written messages out with “God’s Priority” boldly written on the envelope.   Many ministers and religious leaders are blocking the kingdom of God and strengthening the anti-Christ or anti-God system.  Many are mega church leaders and leaders of multitudes in other religions.  Many are government leaders, large and small.  The primary message throughout the Qur’an through Muhammad is to follow the whole Bible. (600+AD)  All are commanded to follow God’s law.  That is our unity and the law of the Kingdom of God.  Our wars can end quickly; and can be as a dream.


God delivered the children of Israel from bondage in Egypt when they followed His word through Moses.  It is the same now.  Our lifelong employment system is just another form of slavery, a lie out of the bottomless pit of covetousness, fear and greed.  Our many problems are created by the employment lifestyle. 

God’s message to the children of Israel on Mount Sinai that included the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20 did not end until Leviticus 26, after the commanded holy days in Leviticus 23.  They were laws for unity and a lifestyle close to the land so the people would not get enslaved one to another.  They were for all generations, even now.  The time of the Gentiles will be fulfilled when we realize as Jesus said, Salvation is of the Jews.  We must all follow what God gave to the Jews, as Jesus did and as he commanded.


**** Religious leaders who profess to love Israel, DO NOT LOVE ISRAEL.  They lead the anti-God system to dishonor and oppress the people of God through replacing God’s commanded 7th day Sabbath of no work and His other Sabbaths of no work around the feast days with other non-commanded days.  It creates division and misunderstanding.  Though God has said he does not want sacrifices and offerings of animals while the people continued their sinning, we can still keep that part of His feast commandments of the days of no work, (Feast Sabbaths).  In Deuteronomy 4:2 God says not to add to nor diminish from His word.  Exodus 20, Deuteronomy 5, Leviticus 23 ****


****  Keeping God’s commanded Holy Days and none other is the ONLY WAY the Kingdom of God can come forward.  It is the RESULT of people following God’s word in truth as written, not just the REWARD.  It is the only way for unity and order.  He has provided the way to reach other religions.  All are commanded to follow His law. ****


Religious leaders ignore God’s word at great cost to them and their flock; and they stop the Kingdom of God from appearing:

In Malachi 4:4 God says, “Remember ye the law of Moses My servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, with the statutes and judgments.”

 In Matthew 4:4 Jesus said to live by every word out of the mouth of God. 

Jesus also said that Till heaven and earth pass, not one dot or tittle shall pass from the law of God.  Jesus said, If you love me, keep my Father’s commandments.
In Luke 16:31 Jesus said, If they believe not Moses and the Prophets, neither will they be convinced though one rise from the dead.

*** If we do not believe these words of God now, we will not support or be part of God’s kingdom, the marriage of the Lamb, or the coming for His Bride… AND we will prevent others from the truth also.  The separation from God will be for those who reject truth.


In Malachi 4:5, 6 God said He would send Elijah to turn the hearts of the people back to the promises to and through our fathers, the prophets of old, OR He would smite the earth with a curse.  Twenty years I have sent detailed scripture references basically saying, IF GOD BE GOD, FOLLOW HIM, that was Elijah’s message and the gospel is REPENT, for “repentance and the remission of sins” through the blood of Jesus Christ shall be preached in all nations.  REPENTANCE comes before forgiveness of sin, or remission of sins.  Repentance means to follow in truth; turn from you unscriptural ways.  Jesus is TRUTH, the only way to the Father.


THIS ELECTION PERIOD we must vote against what God clearly hates, abortion, open homosexuality and big government expenses for what God commanded to be done voluntarily.   WE must press for God’s garden paradise lifestyle to leave our government and unions neither root nor branch to enslave and oppress God’s people.  This IS THE TIME God speaks in Malachi 4 that shall burn as an oven and all the proud and wicked shall be as stubble (but it can be the best thing to happen to them if they repent.)


Some religions say people of God should not vote; if that were true, it would be true for all and NO people of God would vote.  That would leave the ungodly to vote in their leaders who will oppose all the things of God.  ONLY GODLY PEOPLE CAN VOTE IN GODLY LEADERS as God commanded us. ALSO, pray for our leaders that they see that they have been deceived, even as we were, so they can be saved from eternal damnation of Revelation 21, 22 and receive the eternal life of true salvation.


IF WE WILL REGISTER TO VOTE NOW, and speak up against the enslaving employment lifestyle that causes our problems including disease of young and old through pollutions of our air, land, water and food, WE CAN HELP GOD CUT HIS WORK SHORT IN RIGHTEOUSNESS and heal our land and our people, and give us peace in the land, the blessings of Leviticus 26 and not the continual curses.





""That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, (life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness) it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness"


God has prepared the way before us; He has worked out the details and they are written for WHEN WE prepare the way before Him.  A garden paradise lifestyle solves the many problems we created with the employment lifestyle.  We should not be making slaves of people around the world with a promise of LIBERTY, when all it is is BONDAGE and SLAVERY so UNIONS and GOVERNMENTS etc. receive wages off other people's work.


Marie Devine


God has solutions to problems we created by ignoring His wisdom


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