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October 18, 2007
For Reporters of News,  Know that an effort is on-going to end religious strife and to bring about the peace that we all want.  Only the Word of God has the solution.  Only the fear of God can bring the Osama Bin Ladens to surrender to His Word and His peace. 
Please understand this:  If there should be peace in Israel before the people of Israel turn to following the word of God in truth, THERE WOULD BE NO GOD.  English translation:  There will be no peace in Israel until they turn to be a people who desire God's way.  And it is the same for the rest of us.  War and destruction are determined by God until we accept His Word in truth.  These are the last of the last days. 
See my website:  http://www.divine-way.com to see what a wonderful life is waiting for us... and how to get it.  What follows is direction for churches to see correction.
Marie Devine
October 18, 2007
Dear Lovers of God,
My message has been "You are not following what God has given to your prophet, but if you did, we could have unity and peace instead of conflict and war."  An example, and a message of correction for all is in these writings from the prophet of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  They are not following it, but neither are you.  All need correction to avoid the wrath of God that will come upon those who do not delight in God's truth.  Jesus has warned many:  "I am coming soon."
Early Writings by Ellen G. White copyright 1882
                 "The Mystery of Iniquity"   page 215    
                  "Introduction"  also page 138
"The Mystery of Iniquity"  Page 215:   ( continual quote)
"Satan could not hinder the plan of salvation.  Jesus was crucified, and rose again the third day.  But Satan told his angels that he would make the crucifixion and resurrection tell to his advantage.
He was willing that those who professed faith in Jesus should believe that the laws regulating the Jewish sacrifices and offerings ceased at the death of Christ, if he could push them farther and make them believe that the law of ten commandments also died with Christ.
I saw that many readily yielded to this device of Satan.  All heaven was moved with indignation as they saw the holy law of God trampled underfoot.  Jesus and all the heavenly host were acquainted with the nature of God's law; they knew that He would not change or abrogate it.
The hopeless condition of man after the fall caused the deepest sorrow in heaven, and moved Jesus to offer to die for the transgressors of God's holy law.
But if that law could be abrogated, man might have been saved without the death of Jesus.
Consequently His death did not destroy the law of His Father, but magnified and honored it and enforced obedience to all its holy precepts.
Had the church remained pure and steadfast, Satan could not have deceived them, and led them to trample on the law of God. 
In this bold plan, Satan strikes directly against the foundation of God's government in heaven and on earth.  His rebellion caused him to be expelled from heaven.
After he rebelled, in order to save himself he wished God to change His law, but was told before the whole heavenly host that God's law was unalterable.
Satan knows that if he can cause others to violate God's law, he has gained them to his cause; for every transgressor of that law must die.
Satan decided to go still farther.  He told his angels that same would be so jealous of God's law that they could not be caught in this snare; the ten commandments were so plain that many would believe that they were still binding, and therefore he must seek to corrupt only one of the commandments. 
He then led on his representatives to attempt to change the fourth, or Sabbath, commandment, thus altering the only one of the ten which brings to view the true God, the Maker of the heavens and the earth. 
Satan presented before them the glorious resurrection of Jesus, and told them that by His rising on the first day of the week.  He changed the Sabbath from the seventh to the first day of the week."   
Thus Satan used the resurrection to serve his purpose.
(End of page 215--216 in this letter)
"Introduction"   page 137-138    warning of false prophets, continual quote.
Last paragraph page 137:
"Thus the attempt to prove from Scripture the abolution of spiritual gifts, proves a total failure.
And since the gates of hades have not prevailed against the church, but God still has a people on earth, we may look for the development of the gifts in connection with the third angel's message, a message which will bring back the church to apostolic ground and make it indeed the light --not darkness--of the world.
Again:  we are forewarned that there would be false prophets in the last days, and the Bible gives a test by which to try their teachings in order that we may distinguish between the true and the false. 
The grand test is the law of God, which is applied both to the prophesying and to the moral character of the prophets. 
If there were to be no true prophesying in the last days, how much easier to have stated the fact, and thus cut off all chance for deception, than to give a test by which to try them, as if there would be the genuine as well as the false.
In Isaiah 8:19, 20, is a prophecy of the familiar spirit of the present time, and the law is given as a test:  "To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is  because there is no light in them." 
Why say, "If they speak not,"... if there was to be no true spiritual manifestation or prophesying at the same time?  Jesus says, "Beware of false prophets...Ye shall know them by their fruits." Matt.7:15, 16.  This is part of the Sermon on the Mount, and all can see that this discourse has a general application to the church through the gospel age.
False prophets are to be known by their fruits: in other words, by their moral character.  The only standard by which to determine whether their fruits are good or bad, is the law of God. 
Thus we are brought to the law and to the testimony.  True prophets will not only speak according to this word, but they will live according to it.  One who speaks and lives thus, I dare not condemn."     (end of page 138)
From me:
I stand a Warner and a bearer of glad tidings among you. Jesus is coming and the destruction of all evil... Make sure you are "living by every word out of the mouth of God" as Jesus said.
If  you head for this, and ask forgiveness for ignoring God's law, He is faithful to forgive your sins and remember them no more.  Look to be in perfect unity with the word of God, He will bring you to it... and complete it in your life.
For those who looked for the appearance of Christ from 1838-1844, look at scriptures.lds.org at what God was trying to do through Joseph Smith Jr.  They also are not following, but look at the Doctrines and Covenants of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and see if God was not restoring those things of the Old Testament that were to be God's rule in the millennial kingdom.  He was killed.  People refused God's message through him.
To come out from among the world, see the Lord's guidance:  use the full address http: etc.
Look up, your salvation draws near... Choose eternal life, the retired life of a garden paradise.
God Bless You Always,
Marie Devine     3023 Montgall Av     Kansas City,  MO 64128  USA   October 18, 2007   http://www.divine-way.com


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